Licensed Site Remediation Professional

What is an LSRP?

LSRP is a Licensed Site Remediation Professional. LSRPs are bound by a strict code of ethics and overseen by a licensing board.  

What is the role of the LSRP?

The LSRP will oversee and direct necessary site remediation activities. All activities are conducted in accordance with applicable regulations. 

Is the NJDEP involved in my project

Do I need an LSRP?

All remediation cases in New Jersey are required to hire an LSRP.

How Does this Help My Project

With the implementation of SRRA and the LSRP program, the NJDEP has reduced its turnaround of project review to 30 days.

How do I hire an LSRP?

We have NJ LSRP on staff.  Contact us today.